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The Western Chapter Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible. Please contact the Treasurer or President for documentation.

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MSPE-WC provides judges for the projects of the Kansas City Science Pioneers Science Fair, where the award of the top place in each age group for engineering, and one for inventions are presented with awards.

MSPE-WC also awards two $1500 scholarships each year to assist students entering ABET accredited college engineering programs.  Volunteers distribute the applications and select the winners from the submissions.  

The Leadership Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP) is MSPE-WC’s annual recognition of two Engineering students and one faculty member from the UMKC-SCE.   The students must write an essay covering a selected ethics case; and a faculty member is selected by the students as an outstanding example of professionalism and being a great mentor.  Volunteers read the submissions and select the winners each year.

MATHCOUNTS is a nationwide math enrichment, coaching and competition program for 6th-8th grade students.  In Kansas City, MO the program is made possible through the support and leadership of the MSPE-WC and volunteers throughout the community.  Interested volunteers can get involved by donating a half-day’s time to facilitate the competition day, held the first Saturday every February; donating money or supplies to help make the competition day a success; or even volunteer to start a MATHCOUNTS program at your local middle school.  By volunteering, not only can you enable a child to showcase his/her math talents, but you can also give back and serve the community that likely provided you with opportunities along the way.

MSPE-WC’s bridge building and busting contest is the Missouri regional contest for the “International Bridge Building Contest”, which holds finals each year in Chicago, Illinois.  High School students participate as individual or team bridge builders.  The basswood and glue model bridges cannot weigh more than 25 grams, and must span a minimum distance of 300 mm; be no more than 200 mm tall, and 80 mm wide.  The bridge busting event is held at the UMKC campus, in the SCE department area.  Bridges are loaded with sand placed into buckets until the bridge fails.  The highest efficiency rating is the winner.  Last year’s winning bridge failed at a weight of 28,349.4 grams (62.4 pounds), or an efficiency rating of 1,271.3.   Volunteer by visiting high schools and talking about this activity, or volunteer to serve on the planning committee in the future.

The annual Engineers Week Luncheon, which celebrates engineering and raises money for our annual scholarships, celebrates the winners of these programs and the volunteers that make them a reality.  The Engineers Week Luncheon is one of the largest Engineers Week celebrations in the country.  It allows the engineering community to come together to celebrate engineering and showcases the rewards to be gained through volunteering with MSPE-WC, including networking with other community engineering leaders, personal leadership development and satisfaction for giving back to the community and the engineering profession.

President's Message

Volunteer Today - There Are Many Opportunities in Kansas City

Authors: Jim Guthrie, Clint Mason, Derek Vap

Many P.E.s, graduate engineers, EITs, associates, and friends in the Kansas City metro area volunteer their time and expertise in supporting community activities which are aimed at providing needed services for many; but also to provide positive experiences for boys and girls through many different “STEM” (science; technology; engineering; & mathematics) focused programs.

Participation in the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers Western Chapter (MSPE-WC) programs allows many engineers and their friends to provide civic service to their community and allows them a chance to offer that spark that possibly helps a youngster decide to pursue a career in a STEM field.

What helped you decide to go to college; or pursue a particular discipline in engineering?  Was it your parents; or a school teacher; or a relative who provided a good example; or maybe it was the engineer who volunteered at your high school to help your physics teacher build a robot for your team?  Most engineers were encouraged or inspired to consider engineering by someone who took the time to share their time and passion for engineering with them.

Participation in MSPE is an excellent way to give back to the engineering community through volunteering.  The goal of MSPE-WC is to promote the ethical and competent practice of engineering.  Our chapter accomplishes this by creating a network of engineering professionals and leaders in the Kansas City area and by promoting engineering as a career to middle and high school students.  Participation in MSPE-WC can take on many forms.  The first step is to attend local monthly meetings.  MSPE-WC is always looking for volunteers to lead committees or to assist in putting on our special events.  MSPE-WC has several programs and annual community outreach efforts in which one can become involved.

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